What can I do with astrology?


I started to get interested in Astrology after an unexpected event turned my life completely upside down and changed the way I thought about everything. As a result I started to learn more about myself and what better tool to use than Astrology? I invested a lot of time looking at several different schools and finally chose the Munich Rhythm Theory, a system that fully satisfied my scientific mind's desire for precision.


When I encountered the Munich Rhythm Theory for the first time it was through a young man of 20 who had started to study Wolfgang Döbereiner’s system at the tender age of 13. Being an engineer and agnostic I was highly sceptical, as Döbereiner proclaimed himself to be a staunch Catholic. After listening to Sandesh talk to me for more than two hours about my horoscope I was absolutely amazed. Not only had he accurately analysed my deepest secret, he had also described my parents’ relationship in fine detail exactly as I had experienced it; he described the defence mechanisms I had developed to protect myself from the worst of the pain. Though I was 12 years his senior he had stunned me into silence.

When people heard about my new line of study they often questioned me along the lines of: “You are such an intelligent and highly trained technician with an incredibly scientific mind. How can you possibly fall for such hocus pocus?”

My answer was and still is that the Munich Rhythm Theory is highly scientific and incredibly precise; I found it utterly fascinating and understood almost instantly what Döbereiner was describing so beautifully. Once I read it I hung on to every word. In 1986, after studying incessantly, I did my first chart readings for friends, finding that I had a talent for gently leading them to an understanding of what was subconsciously driving them.

I decided to go travelling regularly between Hamburg, Eschwege, Darmstadt, Munich and Zürich; sometimes stopping in Frankfurt and Stuttgart on the way. Several times I did readings for psychologists who came along to check out my work after having heard about me from their clients. One psychologist actually commented after the session, that what I had read from his chart had taken him four years at university and many hours of therapy to find out. He was as stunned as I had been after my reading with Sandesh.

The most common (and harmful) misconception of astrology is, that the “planets” (neither sun no moon are actually planets) influence us more or less directly here on earth in our everyday lives. While that may be true for sun and moon in the way they influence climate and tides, it certainly isn’t what astrology is about. The concept behind is, that there is a general force (call it any name you like), that creates this universe and with it time, and each moment in time transports a certain quality, that affects everything in the universe. That means, that the image of the “heavens”, in other words the position of the celestial bodies, was subject to the same basic energy as whatever else happened at the same moment. Experience tells us, that there is also the point in space of the event to be taken into account, as it alters the form, in which the energy manifests.


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