Conseil sur l'économie d'énergie et la vie durable

To the left you find some images of things, that are available and examples of the variety of technology, that can help you save energy and thereby money as well as the planet. from the top:


Photovoltaic panels and a vertical axis wind turbine in a combined system

Batterie, charger and inverter

Solid fuel kitchen range with back boiler

saline solution batteries

Methane digester replacing a foss septique

Home made water wheel

For all of these soluitions there are plans and books available to do it yourself or I can help you to plan the system and then do so or combine DIY and bought items. I any case autoconsommation is much more advisable than selling the energy produced, as no supplier will buy at the same rate they sell to you, so in the example of photovoltaic the electricity produced in daytime gives you less reveue than what it costs you to buy it for your house at night.

Our secret for success is to start by learning to avoid using energy for things we can do ourself instead of letting machines do them. Then use only machines that use the least energy. Use fuels that are renewable, Firewood for example, or biogas from a digester of organic waste. Get as much from the energy source as you can, for example cook and produce hot domestic water at the same time with a back boiler and an indirect cylinder.

Battery technology today is a far cry from the lead acid batteries of old and much more environmentally friendly than Lithium, as they nowadays are the saline solution type. For some of you a German "Blockheizkraftwerk", a water cooled generator burning veggie oil in a small diesel engine that drives the generator, with heat recuperation through exchangers in the exhaust and the coolant, that not only generates electricity but also heats your house, may be the ideal solution. The most efficient though is to combine as much of these possibilities and taking advantage of most of the the local conditions.

Also the Japanese have produced a really nice small water turbine, that could replace a home made water wheel.

My aim is to enable you to become independent from the technologies, that harm our environment and economise the use of energy. Remenber that the most energy efficiet "machine" this planet has on offer still is a living body, yours or an animal's.

     Together we will find the solution adapted to your budget and abilities. In any case will you have to learn to at least be able to do the general maintenance yourself.


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