What if ?

ISBN 978-2-95000031-1-9 (ebook)

A story of heartache and pain, sins, misadventures, Amazons, war, curses, a gods wrath and finally redemption.


What if even an ordinary mortal could alter history? There are so many theories as to what time is and what it would mean, if you could alter history and perhaps create an alternative time line in a parallel universe by that.


Well, being interested in astrology and a technician I have always rejected such theories, just until I woke up in HER bed and found myself changed …

What if ?

ISBN 978-2-9500031-0-2 (paper version)

Wil Wagner:  5 stars This is an Awesome book! 6 février 2019 - Publié sur

This is an awesome story! It has compelling characters and fun story arc, derring dos and so much more, including Greek Gods.

PH sais: 5 stars Loved it! 20 janvier 2019 - Publié sur

Wow - what a wonderful story Monique has crafted. If you think you would like a story that combines Shari Tepper's "The Gate to Women's Country," Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The FIrebrand," Mary Renault's "The King Must Die," and Rick Riordan's cosmology of the Greco-Roman gods, you'll love this one.

The way Monique brings to life the relationships between these women who are both comrades in arms and fellow nurturers makes the reader truly care for these characters (who are truly badass.) Her portrayal of the honorable men who are unafraid of female power - Hector, Aeneas, and surprisingly Ares (as opposed to Agamemnon, Ajax, Odysseus, Zeus) - is hopeful.

A Kindle customer: 5 stars What an adventure! 2 février 2019 - Publié sur

A nicely rollicking read indeed! I for one hope that there are more stories such as this one the be coming soon! I just could not stop!..well done!

Viper the ebook

ISBN 978-2-9500031-4-0

This is the epub version of the book.


ISBN 978-2-9500031-2-6

In the aftermath of the second world war in Germany a mother has to leave her child behind to be able to escape two former Gestapo officers, who are in search of revenge for what she did in the war, when her code name was Viper. She leaves the boy in the care of two ladies of the quarter, Hamburg’s famous red light district, the Kiez, as the locals call it. The more the boy learns from his “aunts”, who care for him, the more his desire grows to become like his mum, when he grows up. At his fifth birthday his mind is made up. When five years later, now in secondary education, he defends Mei Ling, an older girl against an older boy, she takes him for a tomboy and her family takes “her” in. The patriarch, Master Wang Da Long notices potential and starts teaching the child, whom he names Xiaolong, ancient Chinese martial arts. At her fifteenth birthday Master Wang sends Xiaolong to Italy and a family, who was associated to Viper during the war. Here Xiaolong starts stepping into the mother’s footsteps.

Lovely Ending.

Submitted by Gwen Brown on Mon, 2019/02/18 - 6:24am

In fact it was better than I had hoped for. I know a woman whose parents were in France in WWII, and the stories I have heard ...

Very good writing.



Submitted by Christina H on Mon, 2019/02/18 - 9:30am


Simply that, brilliant story with an explosive ending. I hope this wasn't the end but I fear it could well be.


Wife, mother, friend

Submitted by BarbieLee on Sat, 2019/02/16 - 12:22pm


It has been said, behind every great man there is a woman. Whether it is the wife, their mother, a friend, or someone they look up to. There were and are great men which we all admire. Unsurprisingly there were and are great women. Many lost in history because if mentioned at all it is usually a couple paragraphs in the history books, if at all.
I like the courage and strength of all the women portrayed in Viper.
Well done, Monique


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