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Having lived more than 65 years of an intersting and varied life I have acquired several different abilities. First and foremost I have been technically minded, which led to an early interest in electrics and electronics. At school aready I was experiementing with amplifiers and lighting.Even before finishing school a grouo of friends and I lit Hamburg's first Pop- and Bluesfestival in the Ernst-Merck-Halle with some borrowed strobes and lights and some equipment I built.

That experience later led to me becoming involved in producing equipment for touring bands and me becoming one of the founding partners and manager of Amptown Cases GmbH in 1978.

Having left the company in a dispute i 1983 I managed the technical side of the Sommertheater in the Kampnagelfabrik in 1984 and the tent provided by the Alte Oper in Grüneburgpark, Frankfurt, for the Theater der Welt in 1985, where I also designed a new lighting for the opening act: "Sein Blut komme über uns" directed by Wili Praml.


Later I began installing discotheques and did some lighting for "La double incinstance" at the Staatstheater Oldenburg, but left the Federal Republic of Germany in 1986, being completely disgusted and disappointed by the administration's handling of transgender individuals (and thereby me).

Environmental counselling

Living in the English countryside awakened my interest in nature and the environment. I began looking into old fashioned energy systems like indirect cylinders, back boilers and so on as well as photovoltaics and wind turbines of the vertical axis type. When I moved to Brittany, France in 2000 I concentrated my efforts in that direction. I try to find you solutions adapted to your budget, that will help you save energy and cost as well as make you more independent.  If that  interests you please go to that topic in the menu.



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